vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Business Language Courses

Flickr User: Paul (dex)
      Learning a new language is not only for language majors. In this current economic environment, along with the rapid progress of globalization, it is imperative that you have more than one language you can speak or at least communicate with on a basic level. Human Resources departments prioritize applications which include a global experience that provides a valuable global mind set. Here's why.
     The reason companies do this is simple, by hiring more and more employees that have traveled or studied abroad, a company gains much more than from someone who has not. Upon hiring a "globalized" applicant, a company immediately gains potential for more global growth. Yes that should be you. Even with 2-4 weeks of time abroad you become much more aware of the size and scope of our planet. You learn quickly that people are very different in other parts of the world. Certainly this is evident, but there is nothing that comes close to actually living within such differences, only then can you truly begin comprehend it. Companies around the world know this and even if a company is not working globally, your insights might take them there. Studying abroad brings multitudes of higher paying opportunities to your doorstep. Below I have listed some programs we offer that teach a language with business minded curriculum. In these programs you will learn things such as: business etiquette, general business vocabulary, insights into how business is run in that country and much more.  I can personally guarantee from experience that such an experience listed on your resume will get you the interview (It's how I got my job here).