mardi 15 mars 2011

How High School Food Should Be Done

If you have ever been to a public high school cafeteria in the United States you know first hand that the food is sub-par more often than not. Sorry, but this post won't make you feel any better. Recently a well known chef and food blogger David Lebovitz tweeted the above photo of a French high school's lunch menu. The food is catered by a French company called Sogeres. Some of the meals include Rotisserie Chicken, fillet of salmon in a lemon sauce, chocolate mousse, and even a lintel salad with hard boiled egg. These are four-course meals! I wish I could say I ate that well, but alas. When compared to a typical lunch from a US high school, it makes a year in high school abroad to not only be a smart life choice, but also a healthy one to boot!

Via: www.good.is