mercredi 22 juin 2011

Art Protesting: A Look at the Innovative Street Artist BLU

At the University of Oregon, I study art and have a never ending interest in discovering new art styles and artists. This guy is not too new and has been around for about 10 years, but I still find his works relevant to today. He is an italian street artist and does giant murals on the side of buildings, facades of old warehouses, paints street walls found in the ghetto, and even incorporates other medias like in this video I have posted: Big Bang Big Boom. He goes by the name of BLU. Blu travels around the world, as you can tell from his website, and creates these artistic statements, more like protests, about humanity and westernized societies. In this video, you may start off thinking that the art is just telling the story of the Earth and how our planet was first born (with a bang!), but in the end I think it is something much greater...

On his website you can see some more of the paintings (frescas really) he has done around the world and the different subjects that he has decided important models for his work. I find these two murals great social expressions of protest towards some current problems within the world. This one was created in Los Angeles, USA and only lasted for 24 hours before it was covered over. The second one was done in Rennes, France. Perhaps a portrayal of the westernized world's obsession with consumption and our materialistic tendencies?

What do you think? You know any artists that make protests about our modern lives who create art that have huge (literally), progressive impacts on our culture?

Leave some links or any comments you have below. Thanks for reading!