vendredi 17 juin 2011

French songs you should add to your playlist right now!

Above is one of my favorite music videos by McSolaar, a French rap artist. It is only a few years old, and I enjoy the lyrics as well. Hopefully you will enjoy this song like I do. It is my first week in Belgium and so far these are a list of some of my favorite singers in French. It really helps to listen to French music when trying to gain a better comprehension of the language. Hit "Read more" to check out my lists!

Here is my top ten for starters:

1. Carpe Diem, by: McSolaar.2007 (French rap music)
2. Coeur de Pirate, by: La Vie est Ailleurs, 2008 (Relaxing music)
3. Je ne veux pas travailler, by: PinkMartini, 2007 (A modern remake of Edith Piaf's original song)
4. Chromeo, by: Carla Bruni, 2007
5. Prendre l'air, by: Shy'm, 2010
6. La fee, by: Zaz, 2010 (This has a particular lilting sound to it resembling the North African region)
7. Que veut-tu? by: Yelle, 2011
8. Le Bien qui fait Mal, by: Mozart l'Opera Rock, 2009
9. L'Hymne Au Printemps, by: Felix Leclerc, 2007
10. Ambiance à l'africaine Coco, by: Magic System and Soprano, 2010

Here are a 10 other artists.songs that I recently found on the Top 100 List for this week:

1.) Ce soir, Julie Belanger
2.) Toujours Rebelle, Jonathan Painchaud
3.) Espanola, Jali
4.) Creme Pare Balle, Bengee
5.) Je Me Fous, Pamela
6.) Je Veux Tout, Sofia Essaidi
7.) Les Miss Aux Shoopachoop, L'ab2c
8.) Oser, Oh La La
9.) Oublie-moi, Eskemo feat Kinnie Lane
10.) Rien Ne Se Finit, Adam et Eve

My favorite part of listening to these videos is that they also provide an opportunity to listen to different French accents. For example, the song La Fee, by Zaz, isn't a typically traditional  sounding native French it is almost like the dialect of French you would hear in Morocco or in Côte d'Ivoire. This kind of French is of a different dialect than Edith Piaf's music, or Serge Gainsbourg which are two examples of more traditional French music.

Feedback on these artists would be much appreciated. Tell me whether or not you enjoyed these songs. Do these songs pertain to popular French music today? Are these artists a reflection of different time periods? Like any form of artwork, there is room for criticism so give me your opinion in the comments!

Co-authored with Klarissa