vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Office Update: An international team with truly international tastes

From the United States to the far east (Japan), the team at
Easy Languages is international at heart.
Another week down, and, as we approach then end of the summer season, we also begin saying our goodbyes to our hard working interns. Today we had a goodbye luncheon for Inge, a Dutch intern from Holland, with the entire office in participation. Everyone brought food from their home country and the results were astounding, from Dutch gehaktballen (meatballs) to homemade sushi to the ever popular "quiche Lorraine." We pulled out all the stops for a truly delicious and international smorgasbord of delights. Read on to get a glimpse of the delicious menu and who brought what!

Some wine from Chile and France
  • Inge (Dutch & the honoree)Kaas (Gouda cheese), rolletjes met worst en augurk (Pickles wrapped with ham) , pastasalade (Pasta salad), and aardbeientaart (Strawberry cheese cake)
  • Anne (French): Quiche Lorraine (A common french dish from French region of Lorraine)
  • Tifany (French)Gâteau au chocolat (Chocolate cake)
  • Klarissa (American): Fried chicken (A popular dish in the United States)
  • Lorens (French)Gâteau chocolat au pêche
  • Yusuke (Japanese): Homemade Maki (Sushi)
  • Ryan (American): Jambalaya (Cajun dish from Louisiana)
  • Magaly (French): Homemade crepes with Nutella or jam
  • Wietske (Dutch): Homemade gehaktballen (meatballs) with a special cream cheese filling 
  • Alain (Belgian): Red wine and chocolate mousse
  • Mealea (Cambodian): Ngoam Taing Hun (Cambodian salad)
  • Matt (American): Pain et chevre (Bread and goat cheese)
  • Romain (French)Glace à la framboise (Rasberry ice cream)
  • Nieves (Spanish): Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet)
  • Marion (French)Cake aux champignons et au poulet (Mushroom and chicken cake)
  • Snezana (French): Camenbert (Cheese), saucisson (smoke sausage), et baguette (French bread)
Crepe de Nutella & whipped cream by Magaly 
Aardbeientaart (Strawberry cheese cake) by Inge

A little bit of everything...Yummy!

Anne holding up my jambalaya
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