vendredi 19 août 2011

Office Update: Welcoming three new interns to the Easy Languages team

It seems like just yesterday we began saying our goodbyes to some interns. Alas as the clock moves forward and the days turn into months, we see fresh faces come and go. This post is on a happier note, fresh faces! We're excited about 3 new interns joining us the month who together represent three separate countries: Italy, England, and the Netherlands!
First up, we have Francesca Impagliatelli fresh off the plane from Bari, Italy.
Viva gli spaghetti!
She is a recent university graduate with a degree in Business and Marketing from the Università Degli Studi di Bari. She's is currently working with us under an agreement with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, a program that matches recent university graduates with established businesses that have a similar business model. During her studies she was an account manager for AIESEC, an international intern/work abroad organization run only by students, for students. Francesca hopes to open a study abroad agency in Italy after her 4 month placement with us. Best of luck to you Francesca! Languages: Italian and English Countries visited: England, France, Greece Favorite food: Anything with tortellini (Editors note: how typical) What she hopes to get out of this internship:
"I'm excited to learn everything about the language travel industry. Everyone has been really nice and I hope to get as much advice and insight as possible from the experienced staff here at Easy Languages.  I also look forward to growing personally and professionally in the international city of Brussels." -Francesca
We're also welcoming an Englishman to our team, George Sully.
This is my cheerio face.
George studied French and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh where he found this placement through his previous position at the International Writing Center at his university.  There he would help international students with their English writing by proofreading and editing. He also has a strange fascination with the 7 dwarfs from Snow White. George has a true passion for language and takes pride in his sharp, very "French" accent. At Easy Languages he will be representing our English speaking contingent at our office in Paris, France as well as updating the blog with some fresh content!

Languages: French and English... with some Latin in there for good measure.
Countries visited: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, USA (Florida, Georgia, Illinois), France, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Spain
Favorite Food: Fajitas!

What he hopes to get out of this internship:
"I want to see more of Europe, practice and improve my French, and spread the magic of language learning!" - George
Lastly, but not leastly, we have Stef Rozemeijer hailing from the shipping docks of Rotterdam, Netherlands. (Not literally, more like, figuratively)
Kom maar op met die stage! (I'm pumped for this internship!)
Stef here is currently studying Small Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He landed this internship by taking the initiative and emailing us directly. During his internship he will remain a critical member his university's "Secretaris medezeggenschapsraad" (Student Advisory Council). On the council he researches student needs for the greater student population. Stef looks forward to opening up his own business when he graduates and becoming a successful entrepreneur. During his internship, Stef will be helping to serve our Flemish and Dutch clients needs and requests as well as updating and refreshing the Dutch version of our website. Veel succes Stef!

Languages: Dutch, English, French and some German
Countries Visited: The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Germany
Favorite Food: Hutspot (Mashed carrots, potatoes, meat and onions...)

What he hopes to get out of this internship:
"I hope to develop and explore my marketing skills as well as broaden my world view." -Stef
 Wish them all good luck in the comments!
Photos were provided by the interns themselves.