lundi 17 octobre 2011

Easy Languages 2.0 has ARRIVED! (We're shiny and new!)

That's right kids. Easy Languages 2. The sequel. Bigger, brighter, bolder. Guaranteed to improve your life.
After many months of blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe some light programming and translation), late nights and neglected spouses, our elite team of internet gremlins, coding wizards, and psychologically vulnerable translators have finally fine-tuned, spruced-up, and polished to a shine the long awaited NEW Easy Languages website. We've revamped its skin, its functionality, and even (!) the font. While official verdicts are still being processed (the site has only been online for a week, after all), this may well be one of the Greatest Websites on the Internet in the History of the Entire Internet Ever (unaccredited).

Read more to find out what kind of goodies we've got in store for you...!

So what's new?
Behold! It is a thing of beauty. Don't just stand there - click on the image to SEE FOR YOURSELF!

The first thing you'll notice will probably be the interface. And unless you have very, very high standards (give us a break, jeez!) you should be particularly impressed by just how jaw-droppingly gorgeous it all looks now. Our graphic design team (currently one overworked man by the name of Romain) has pulled out all the stops to deliver a slick new appearance, making your programme-browsing experience easy on the eyes as well as the wallet. Soft blues, tasteful sun-baked oranges, nice glossy photos from our own exchanges and destinations (who wants to read too much text anyway?), clear menus, and all with the same great content.

That said, the organisation of our programmes has been rethought considerably. To be kind, our old website had its moments, but browsing for programmes was often clunky, disorientating, and unsatisfying. Now, thanks mainly to swishy swooping buttons and graphics (and also, well, some quite clever re-categorisation), it's easier than ever to find the programme which suits your needs best.

  • What's also great is the clearer listing of destinations and languages: it's now very easy (I managed it to find our popular Summer and Easter programme in Bournemouth with my eyes closed!) to find what you want with everything sorted by country and language. 
  • The biggest difference overall is one of clarityOur Facebook page is so obvious you should almost be ashamed you couldn't find it before. (Don't be ashamed. Just be relieved and go ahead and LIKE our page!) It's at the bottom of every page.
  • If you have a questions about our company or how we operate, the link to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is right there on the main page's central banner. Should there be, somehow, a question which hasn't been asked frequently enough to be called a FAQ, send it our way - either using the details on the Contact Us page, or by using the form at the bottom of the main page (and every single other page on the website)!

And if you've already decided where you want to go (and congratulations, there should be more people like you! Pat yourself on the back - go on - you deserve it), don't waste any more time. Enrol now (it's even easier!) and a member of our experienced and eager team will deal with your request with lightning (or an approximate "really fast" but still human) speed! You know you want to.

Easy Languages. Now with 50%* more "Easy"! Try yours TODAY!
*according to a survey conducted among one (1) blog post author