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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Easy Languages: Coming to a fair near you?

A snapshot of the Easy Languages / Langues Vivantes stall at Lille's Student Fair last year

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Every once in a while, when the planets align just right, and the spirit of travelling abroad (perhaps the ghost of Erasmus - nobody knows for sure) takes hold of our hearts and minds, Easy Languages takes to the roads. All across Europe (and by Europe I of course mean select locations in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands), agencies - like your faithful Easy Languages - get together in hustling, bustling arenas of energy called work - or business, or travel - fairs (Salons en fran├žais) and talk about what we have to offer.

This year is no different, and we're taking the EasyMobile (name pending) to a whole bunch of destinations to tell you, the wonderful language-learning public, anything and everything you need to know. And then some.

Read on to find out where we're going...