lundi 23 avril 2012

Man vs. Wild : The new adventure travel

In todays society people want more, better, cooler and newer. This also goes for the travel industry. If you have some money and you want to be 'cool' you don't go to the Greek islands for a holiday anymore. For this new and wealthy generation it's just not done to go camping in France or stay on the seaside of Spain. They want something outrageous and adventurous, they need something spectacular. Or, do they maybe just want to escape from the fast pacing lives they live and discover the unknown gems of nature?

Forbes has made a list of the most remote and adventurous travel destinations in the world. It includes the Galapagos islands, Antarctica and even outer space. Most of these destinations are quite expensive and difficult to reach. On the other hand, they offer a travel that you will probably never forget. Something you will not easily do or see again and will give you lifelong memories.
Check out a few of these remote travel destination below.

The Galapagos islands
Known as the island archipelago of Darwin's theory of natural selection, the Galapagos islands offer an amazing selection of unique animal species. The archipelago is listed as a World Heritage site and strict controls and tourist access make sure the islands protects its flora and fauna. Therefore there are only flights from Guayaquil and Quito, in Ecuador. Once arrived in the Galapagos, you need to stay with a trained guide and walk on the marked paths. This destination can offer you the most amazing snorkel and diving tours, as the islands are listed in the best diving spots in the world.

As the most southern, coldest ad driest continent on Earth, Antarctica is definitely a challenge of adventure. As it is hardly touched by people, and has some permanent scientists, the continent is only populated by unique wildlife. However, traveling there is anything but easy. You have to travel to the southern tip of Argentina and pass the Drake Passage in about two days by boat. If you won't sleep on your boat, it is possible to sleep in tents during land expeditions. Temperatures can fall to -40 C at tourists destinations, but fall even to -80 further down to the South. Antarctica has an extreme climate and therefore many accidents happen every year. In case you didn't think of this yourself yet: This trip is only for die-hards and thrill-seekers.

Easter island
Considered as one of the remotest islands on earth (around 3500 km from Chile) and known for the Moai, the stone sculptures, Easter Island is on the list of remote destinations. The island offers great volcanoes, caves and white beaches. Most other sides, including the Moai, are for free and located on the coastline. The island is only accessible by taking a flight from Santiago in Chile.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
If you feel like some real adventure, it is possible to climb the Kilimanjaro. There are different routes to the top and there is lodging available. It is also possible to camp on the mountain, but make sure you have all necessary gear with you. You need to have a licensed guide to go with you, to make sure the journey is safe. The mountain offers amazing views and has rich flora and fauna. Flights are operated daily from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro (JRO).

Rafting in the Grand Canyon
Many tourists go see the amazing view of the Grand Canyon every year in the United States. But only a few decide to go rafting and experience the inner beauty of the Grand Canyon. You will raft on the Colorado river and camp at night under the blue skies. Trips can be from 3 days up to a 15 day journey in which you will see the entire 225 mile Canyon.

Adventure travel might be the traveling of the future! The good thing about it though, is that in case you are still planning on laying on the Spanish beaches, it won't be busy, cause everyone will be on Antarctica or the Galapagos islands this summer ;)