jeudi 26 avril 2012

Stuff Dutch people like

Being a native Dutchie myself, I do sometimes feel proud of our little country, of our soccer team, our cheese, windmills and bikes. Occasionally I feel the connection with my country while living abroad, and am reminded of my background. We are quite down to earth, and often use the slogan: "Doe normaal!" which means: "Be normal!". However, no other website makes me confront myself with my habits and other customs more than the website stuffdutchpeoplelike.com.

For example, I found out that not every nation puts a birthday calender up their toilet so if you have guests over they can check out everyone's birthday while doing their thing. Isn't it just very convenient? What else do you do while being in there, sitting and waiting?

Other than that, we congratulate each other with someone's birthday. If it's Piet's birthday, you congratulate Piet's mother, father, sisters, brothers, neighbors, friends and other family with his birthday. Myself, I just find it very nice that you think of everyone, and share the joy of Piet's birthday together. However, if I do this while being abroad, I always get incredibly weird glares my way..

Apparently, we also tend to say certain sentences a lot in public. Two examples are "dat mag niet", which means: you are not allowed to do that, and "dat kan niet", which means: that is not possible. Often when you call any customer service you will get to hear the latter unfriendly sentence. A lot of things are not possible to them, because of the many many strict rules we seem to follow in my homeland. The sentence "dat mag niet" is often said to children, when they are behaving in a bad way. Children are taught on a very young age that they should do what is right, and not behave badly. This goes of course perfectly with our very organized, strict and bureaucratic lifestyle. Okay, so that does sound boring, but in a way I believe everything is so well taken care of because of it, that I don't mind those little rules.

Another (seemingly very weird) habit is that we swear with diseases. Not so much normal diseases, but the ones that are not so common anymore. We swear with the plague, the smallpox, cholera, tuberculosis and typhus. It's not like we use these commonly, you will probably just hear them when people are in a fight, or get extremely angry with the weather (something else we Dutchies love to talk about).

So having shared some of my country's habits, I would like to know: What do you think? Are they weird? Did you burst into tears because you had to laugh out loud? Or can you actually relate to some of them?
Leave a comment below and tell us about your country's habits :)

For more funny Dutch habits, check out this website: http://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/