mardi 1 avril 2014

Ce que disent les Londoniens vs ce qu'ils pensent

Les marques de politesse... (ou pas)

  • "Sorry" : I'm not sorry
  • "My fault solely" : Your fault fully
  • "Could you go down a little bit please?" : I'm not asking, I'm telling.

Money money money...

"I live in Zone One particular" : I a
m unimaginably rich.
"I just bought a flat" : My parents just helped me buy a flat.
“Gourmet coffee” : Ludicrously overpriced coffee

Sortir à Londres

  • "A brief pint" : In the pub until closing time.
  • "A barbecue" : Piss-up in the yard

Les transports en commun

"My commute? It's not too bad. About average" : It will involve a few modes of transportation, takes hours every day, and is little by little crushing my spirit.

"Because of to a signalling failure..." : Due to a justification we just made up…

"Good transport links" : There's a bus stop 10 minutes walk away.

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